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Sichuan Earthquake and Orphanage Map
Dedicated to the People of China - The victims, survivors, and the orphans...
NOTE: This map is large and may take several minutes to download! 'Refresh' your browser for the most up-to-date version of the map.
PLEASE DO NOT COPY, POST OR EMBED this map on any website or blog, etc. without permission first. You MAY link TO this map -- Instructions below.
- This map is not for sale, but you may print it for your own personal, non-commercial use. It was created as a visual tool for China adoptive families and to raise awareness.
UPDATED on May 20 - Please feel free to contact me with any questions or corrections.
Sichuan Earthquake Orphanage Map
Here is a closeup of the Epicenter area:  
Sichuan Earthquake Orphanage Map Epicenter
For a high-quality printable PDF file of this map, click here:Link to Printable PDF Map
For Personal Use only
Note - the file is over 2 MB.  You will need
Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this map. If you need this software you can download it first for free here:
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Half the Sky Foundation has a fund to help these children and victims of this terrible tragedy. Even months later help is still very much needed!
Please visit their website at:
Half The
To learn more and to make a donation. Please give generously to these people in such desperate need.
Thank you!
Give To Half The Sky Children's Earthquake Relief Fund
through Global Giving
Thank you - you will make a huge difference in someone's life!


The American Red Cross

Love Without
Has an earthquake relief fund setup to help with long-term needs...
click to donate to Love Without Boundaries
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To get a high-quality printable PDF file of this map, click here:
Link to Printable PDF Map
For Personal Use only
Note - the file is over 2 MB.  You will need
Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this map. If you need this software you can download it first for free Get Adobe Reader
Feel free to contact me, Hendrika, with questions or map corrections

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Notice: My maps are intended to show the general locations of orphanages that participate in international adoptions. They are hand-rendered, and cannot be considered to be to scale, and many elements have been estimated. As with any project of this magnitude, it is always possible that there may be errors or omissions. If you become aware of any, please contact me by email.
The other cities/towns shown on the maps are those of my choosing; selected either because of high populations, or because of their relative locations to the orphanages, or for other reasons, such as requests from adoptive families. These maps are 'living documents' that will evolve over time as more information is obtained. As more orphanages participate in international adoptions, newer versions of the maps will be made available. These maps are works of art and not to be used for navigation or any commercial purposes whatsoever and may not be pulished on any website, blog, listserve, etc. without my express written permission - see copyright notice. Full listings of orphanages included on the maps can be viewed by visiting 'The Orphanages' link on the left.
photo of Jiuzhaigou valley, Sichuan
JiuZhaiGou Valley, Sichuan province, China