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GUANGDONG China Orphanages and Resources
Guangdong in Chinese Characters
Guangdong Province Orphanage List
Social Welfare Institutes (SWI) and Children's Welfare Institutes (CWI) for China adoption:
Also see the NEW Resource chart below

- Bao'an see Shenzhen
- Chancheng** district (see Foshan) [*F]
- DABU (or DAPU) county swi [at Huliao -- near Eastern border]
- DIANBAI cwi (in Shuidong town)
- ENPING (Encheng)
- DONGGUAN city cwi (DongCheng district)
- FENGKAI county swi (in JiangKou town)
- FOGANG (Shijiao) county swi
- FOSHAN city swi Chancheng district [*F]
- GAOMING District swi (in Foshan) [*F]
- GAOZHOU city cwi
- GUANGNING (Nanjie) county swi
- GUANGZHOU city cwi (TianHe district) *Provincial Capital
Guangzhou is the Provincial Capital.

- HAIFENG county swi
- HESHAN city swi (in Shanping town)
- HUAZHOU city swi
- HUIDONG county swi
- HUIYANG district swi (in Danshui town, Huizhou city)
- HUIZHOU city swi (HuiCheng district)
- JIANGCHENG district swi (in Yangjiang)
- JIANGMEN city swi
- LECHANG (Lecheng) city swi (in Henan town)
- LEIZHOU (Leicheng) city swi
- LIANJIANG (Liancheng) city swi
- LUODING city (in Yunfu)
- MAOGANG District swi (in Maoming)
- MAOMING city swi
- MAONAN District swi (in Maoming)
- MEIZHOU (Meixian) city swi (MeiJiang district)
- NANHAI District swi (in Luocun town in Foshan) [*F]
- PANYU (Shiqiao)
- PINGYUAN county swi
- QINGCHENG District swi (in Qingyuan)
- QINGXIN county swi (in Qingyuan)
- QINGYUAN city swi
- QUJIANG district swi (in Shaoguan)
- SANSHUI District swi (in Foshan) [*F]
- SHANTOU city swi
- SHANWEI city swi
- SHAOGUAN city swi
- SHENZHEN Bao'An district swi
Futian district swi
*Longgang district
- SHUNDE District cwi (in Daliang in Foshan) [*F]
- SUIXI county swi (in Suicheng town)
- TAISHAN city swi (in Taicheng town)
- WUCHUAN city swi (in Dashanjiang town)
- XINFENG county swi (in Shaoguan)
- XINHUI District swi (in Jiangmen city)
- XINYI city swi
- XUWEN county swi (in Xucheng town)
- YANGCHUN city swi (in Chuncheng)
- YANGDONG county swi (in Yangjiang)
- YANGJIANG city swi
- YANGXI county swi (XinCheng district)
- ZHANJIANG city swi and cwi
- ZHAOQING city swi
- ZHUHAI city swi (Xiangzhou district)
- **HONG KONG -- see note aside
[*F] - There are 5** swi's in Foshan

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Guangdong Sibling Find YahooGroup
[to explore the possibility of finding birth siblings]
- If you know of a great Guangdong resource
please contact me to have it added:

*notes -- Shenzhen -
The Longgang district orphanage in Shenzhen
had not yet participate in international
adoptions but many children there recieved
care and surgeries and may have been
transferred to the other Shenzhen orphanages
for adoption.

**Chancheng District in Foshan
MAY be the same as the Foshan City swi, which is located
in the Chancheng district. Please contact me if you can
confirm if these are 2 separate facilities or one and the same.

**Hong Kong is also included on this map
- is represented with one icon; however, Hong Kong adoptions
are processed separately from
other China adoptions.
-- For more info: see the 'Hong Kong' page.

NEW! Orphanage Hometown gifts
for EACH orphanage location in Guangdong

Orphanage Hometown and City Gifts
Orphanage Hometown Gifts
Address or Link to
YahooGroup or website:
Satellite image Geographical info:
Orphanage or City photos/
travel info:
BAO'AN see Shenzhen Bao'an district Shenzhen Kids Yahoogroup Shenzhen satellite image Bao'an district information
CHAOZHOU Chaozhou gifts possible address-unsure:
28 Nanchun Road, Chaozhou, GD
phone: 768-226-1748
n/a Chaozhou satellite image Chaozhou info and history
Chancheng** coming soon see Foshan Foshan YGroup   Changcheng gov. website
DABU/Dapu Dabu DaPu swi Dapu YG Dabu/Huliao satellite image Dabu gov't website (chinese)
DIANBAI Dianbai Dianbai swi Dianbai YG Dianbai Shuidong satellite image coming soon
DONGGUAN Dongguan Dongguan cwi Dongguan YG Dongguan satellite image Dongguan travel
ENPING Enping possible address-unsure:
Beijiao Park, Encheng Town, Enpeng, GG
phone: 750-773-5005
n/a Enping satellite image  
FENGKAI Fengkai Fengkai swi n/a coming soon  
FOGANG Fogang Fogang swi Fogang YG Fogang/Shijiao satellite image  
FOSHAN Foshan gifts Possible address: Foshan City swi
2 Shi Dong Xia road, ChanChengQu district, Foshan,GD
phone: 757-223-8528
Foshan YGroup  
and Leping area finding location families YG
Foshan satellite image Foshan Chinese website and
GAOMING Gaoming Gaoming swi Gaoming YG Gaoming satellite image  
GAOZHOU Gaozhou Gaozhou swi Gaozhou YG Gaozhou satellite image  
GUANGNING Guangning Guangning swi address Guangning YG Guangning Nanjie satellite image  
GUANGZHOU Guangzhou Guangzhou cwi Guangzhou YG Guangzhou satellite image  
HAIFENG Haifeng coming soon n/a Haifeng satellite image  
HESHAN Heshan Heshan swi n/a coming soon  
HUAZHOU Huazhou gifts Huazhou swi Huazhou Hometown YG
and Huazhou Families YG
Huazhou satellite image  
HUIDONG Huidong coming soon n/a coming soon  
HUIYANG Huiyang gifts HuiYang swi Huiyang YG Huiyang Danshui satellite image  
HUIZHOU Huizhou Huizhou Huicheng swi n/a Huizhou satellite image  
JIANGCHENG Jiangcheng Jiangcheng district swi Jiangcheng YG Yangjiang satellite image  
JIANGMEN Jiangmen Jiangmen swi Jiangmen Kids Yahoogroup Jiangmen city satellite image  
LECHANG Lechang Lechang swi Lechang Families YahooGroup Lechang satellite image  
LEIZHOU Leizhou LeiZhou swi Leizhou FamiliesYG Leizhou satellite image  
LIANJIANG Lianjiang Lianjiang swi Lianjiang Families YG Lianjiang satellite image  
LUODING Luoding coming soon n/a Luoding satellite image  
MAOGANG Maogang Maogang district swi Maogang in Maoming YG see Maoming  
MAOMING Maoming gifts Maoming city swi Maoming YG Maoming satellite image Maoming SWI website
MAONAN Maonan Maonan district swi Maonan Friends YG and
Maonan swi YG
See Maoming  
MEIZHOU Meizhou Meizhou swi Meizhou Families YG Meizhou city satellite image  
NANHAI Nanhai Foshan Nanhai swi Foshan Nanhai YahooGroup Foshan satellite image  
PANYU Panyu coming soon Adopt Panyu Yahoogroup Panyu satellite image  
PINGYUAN Pingyuan Pingyuan swi n/a Pingyuan (Dazhe) satellite image  
QINGCHENG Qingcheng Qingcheng swi Qingyuan YG Qingyuan satellite image  
QINGXIN Qingxin Qingxin swi Qingxin Adoption YG see Qingyuan  
QINGYUAN Qingyua gifts Qingyuan swi Qingyuan YG Qingyuan satellite image  
QUJIANG Qujiang Qujiang district swi Qujiang YG Qujiang satellite image  
SANSHUI Sanshui Sanshui Foshan swi Sanshui Daughters YG Sanshui satellite image  
SHANTOU Shantou Shantou swi Shantou YG Shantou satellite image  
SHANWEI Shanwei Shanwei cwi Shanwei Adoptions YG Shanwei satellite image  
SHAOGUAN Shaoguan Shaoguan swi Shaoguan YG Shaoguan satellite image  
SHENZHEN Shenzhen gifts 1. Bao'an
2. Futian
3. Longgang
Shenzhen Kids Yahoogroup Shenzhen satellite image Shenzhen travel
SHUNDE Shunde Foshan Shunde cwi Foshan Shunde Yahoogroup Dalian Shunde satellite image  
SUIXI Suixi Suixi swi Suixi Yahoogroup Suixi satellite image  
TAISHAN Taishan Taishan swi Adopt Taishan Yahoogroup Taishan satellite image  
WUCHUAN Wuchuan Wuchuan swi Wuchuan YG Wuchuan/ Meilu satellite image  
XINFENG Xinfeng coming soon n/a Xinfeng satellite image  
XINHUI Xinhui 2 addresses:
Xinhui 1
Xinhui 2
Xinhui Love Yahoogroup Xinhui satellite image  
XINYI Xinyi gifts Xinyi swi Xinyi YG Xinyi satellite image  
XUWEN Xuwen Xuwen swi Xuwen Families Group Xuwen Xucheng satellite image  
YANGCHUN Yangchun Yangchun swi address Yangchun YG Yangchun satellite image  
YANGDONG Yangdong Yangdong swi YangKids Yahoogroup Yangjiang satellite image  
YANGJIANG Yangjiang Yangjiang city swi YangKids Yahoogroup and
Yangjiang swi
Yangjiang city satellite image  
YANGXI Yangxi Yangxi swi Yangxi YG coming soon  
ZHANJIANG Zhanjiang gifts Zhangjiang cwi address Zhangjiang Families Group Zhanjiang satellite image Zhanjiang Kids Website
ZHAOQING Zhaoqing Zhaoqing swi Zhaoqing YG Zhaoqing city satellite image  
ZHONGSHAN Zhongshan Possible address: Zhongshan swi
ShiQiYue Lainan Er Heng Road, Zhongshan, GD
phone: 760-880-5194
n/a Zhongshan city satellite image  
ZHUHAI Zhuhai Zhuhai swi n/a Zhuhai city satellite image  
If an orphanage you are looking for is not listed, or you are unsure of it's location, or are aware of any errors or omissions, please contact me
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The other cities/towns shown on the maps are those of my choosing; selected either because of high populations, or because of their relative locations to the orphanages, or for other reasons, such as requests from adoptive families. These maps are 'living documents' that will evolve over time as more information is obtained. As more orphanages participate in international adoptions, newer versions of the maps will be made available. These maps are works of art and not to be used for navigation or any commercial purposes whatsoever and may not be pulished on any website, blog, listserve, etc. without my express written permission - see copyright notice. Full listings of orphanages included on the maps can be viewed by visiting 'The Orphanages' link on the left.
Photo of Zhaoqing in Guangdong
Zhaoqing, Guangdong province, China